…Silence is the true friend that never betrays.




People seem to be quick to provide all the answers but they have yet to live the questions.

Pain reminds you that you are alive. Love reminds you that you are human.


She’s a Renegade (Like All The Rest)

It takes one to know one

At least that’s true

Her eyes they hypnotize

Her lips enticing without mercy

I’m lost in thoughts constructed by her beauty

Her canvas comes alive with each stroke

If only just once I could feel wanted

Time has a way of diluting memories

Pieces of my heart lay strewn all over the floor

She’s a renegade

Like all the rest

Just out of reach

I die with regret


Simply Sad Is Stick

she observed the pain but seemed to relish in its mere existence
dreams of holding hands underneath a starry moon lit sky
faded into the dark abyss of sadness and despair
where once the silence lent comfort to his wounds it now reopened them savagely
meaning what he said and saying what he means..warm blood
pieces of faith dripped along the floor
black clouds rain chaos over me



moment of crisis

“over there!”, she said frustratedly.
“where?.. where?. where?… I dont see it!”, he said frantically.
“its to your left and slightly above the horizon”, she said succinctly.
“ok, ok i think.. i see it”, he said firmly.
“do you really see it??”, she asked unassured.
“yes i do, it.. is.. incredible…”, he said softly.
“do you think its real?”, she asked nervously.
“how could it not be? ..we both see it with our very own two eyes”, he said gently.
“but… it can’t be. how is it possible?”, she said mechnically.
“it..”, he said sharpy.
“…is..”, she said trembling.
“..coming this way!!!”, he said resoundingly.

December’s Scintillation

breaking through the finish line
too much emotion to feel
why hurt when the sun continues to shine
over and over again, same tune
nature taking it’s course she whispered
too little faith to rely on
why hopelessness when the sun continues to shine
the lack of intensity, forever changing
the blossoming beauty of creation within a single flower
too extraordinary to comprehend internally
why confusion when the sun continues to shine
shimmering beneath the moon, silent touch
the embrace of a lit candle
too weak of a flame to burn the sin
why the deception when the sun continues to shine
slice my heart into infinite pieces, eternal love


Crippled and emotionally starved – he grasped the cold metal. As each second transpired his grip loosened. Up until this moment he had thought he was invincible. He stared blankly into the distance. The wind chilled his bones. It was dark. Only he could save himself… and he knew it. But time stood still for an instance and memories flooded his conscience. What is this place? Who are they? Why am I here? …Intelligence was measured by men in white coats. What?.. He suddenly snapped back into the present. Shaking his head he wondered why me. But those questions and his lack of trust would seemingly remain hidden. He screamed, as if to expel buried guilt. It was time. He closed his eyes and inhaled. It was almost over.

u have a way with words… u dont say

another week passes… standing in the shadows … trying to recooperate from the haunting… time has a sick way of ripping and twisting memories so that it makes things ‘okay’… a blessing and punishment all served nicely with a cup of confusion…yes… that’s the special i always get…. it always makes sense to me… i have to or else things would not turn out ‘okay’…. an uphill battle down a one way street.. overlooking lost hopes and dreams…. the fire burns beneath….. your sexy?!…


When u think u know it all… u just dont…

noone knows the whole story.
you may hear bits and pieces of information here and there.
she said.he said.they said.i heard.
but the vast majority of what u hear is one sided or just pure gossip.
never blindly believe what u hear right away.
question it.especially if its gossip.
i know the u?

Who cares.

We’re all alone in this world we live, although some are unable to notice it.

refuse to start conversations because I know other people do care who they socialize with, of course I have a select few I very much hope will talk, but I won’t impose on their silence without an invitation


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