…Silence is the true friend that never betrays.


December 2012

Simply Sad Is Stick

she observed the pain but seemed to relish in its mere existence
dreams of holding hands underneath a starry moon lit sky
faded into the dark abyss of sadness and despair
where once the silence lent comfort to his wounds it now reopened them savagely
meaning what he said and saying what he means..warm blood
pieces of faith dripped along the floor
black clouds rain chaos over me




moment of crisis

“over there!”, she said frustratedly.
“where?.. where?. where?… I dont see it!”, he said frantically.
“its to your left and slightly above the horizon”, she said succinctly.
“ok, ok i think.. i see it”, he said firmly.
“do you really see it??”, she asked unassured.
“yes i do, it.. is.. incredible…”, he said softly.
“do you think its real?”, she asked nervously.
“how could it not be? ..we both see it with our very own two eyes”, he said gently.
“but… it can’t be. how is it possible?”, she said mechnically.
“it..”, he said sharpy.
“…is..”, she said trembling.
“..coming this way!!!”, he said resoundingly.

December’s Scintillation

breaking through the finish line
too much emotion to feel
why hurt when the sun continues to shine
over and over again, same tune
nature taking it’s course she whispered
too little faith to rely on
why hopelessness when the sun continues to shine
the lack of intensity, forever changing
the blossoming beauty of creation within a single flower
too extraordinary to comprehend internally
why confusion when the sun continues to shine
shimmering beneath the moon, silent touch
the embrace of a lit candle
too weak of a flame to burn the sin
why the deception when the sun continues to shine
slice my heart into infinite pieces, eternal love

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