…Silence is the true friend that never betrays.


August 2012

Self Affliction

red tears
misery wept
turning blue
too late
violated promise
inferior words
avoid hate
abandon comfort
illusional love
open wounds
disloyal captor
incessant anguish
eternal sleep


the darkness promises shelter.
whispering safety and smiling it’s misfortune.
would it be a loss to accept such finality?
one can wonder all of their sanity.
a road we all take, it awaits.. never impatient.
the rain smells fresh and brings hope.
but each raindrop can be a shard of glass slicing slowing upon the flesh.
without forsight it all seems lost.
wake me up before it all stops.
time…man’s way of neglect.
can this be all that bad?
surrender to silence.
days, weeks, months.

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